Whistleblower Hotline

As a global investment management firm, T. Rowe Price is committed to conducting its business with the highest level of integrity and ethics.

Concerns by employees or individuals outside of the company about conduct by or on behalf of T. Rowe Price that appears to be a violation of any law, rule or regulation or that you believe to be inconsistent with T. Rowe Price's policies (a "violation") can be reported via our Anonymous Reporting/Whistleblower Hotline at 1-888-651-6223.

The T. Rowe Price Anonymous Reporting/Whistleblower Hotline is administered by an outside vendor and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The telephone operators for the T. Rowe Price Anonymous Reporting/Whistleblower Hotline have been trained to receive your call. Calls are not recorded and you have the option to remain anonymous. Once the call is completed, a report will be generated and sent to designated individuals within the T. Rowe Price Legal Department who will promptly investigate the matter and take appropriate actions pursuant to internal protocols.

It is T. Rowe Price's policy that no adverse action will be taken against any person as a result of that person becoming aware of a violation and reporting the violation in good faith.